Happy Thursday, The research into plague control around the implant has shown that Waterpiks are helpful instruments. To help keeping the gum, around the implant, clean and hence helping our oral health and as a result our bodies healthy we have to keep the plaque away on the day to
Happy Wednesday, I recently read an article in Oral Health published October 2020 with the research done about Prebiotics which I share the part-summary of it here with you. Prebiotics are good for our oral health. They help keeping the bad bacteria in check and increasing the number of good
Happy beautiful March day, I came across an interesting article in the Oral Health magazine about our white blood cells and dental decay, which I thought to share it with you. Neutrophils help in healing an injured tissues and fighting infections. So any of these situations increases the number of
Hi,   Did you know that sleep Apnea is a risk factor for heart disease? And people with sleep Apnea are more at risk of develping cancer due to lack of oxygen? It is, becasue during apenea, there is a cessation of breath for 10 seconds or more. Reduced oxygen
Hi,   Mouthguard or nightguard acts like cushion and it absorbs forces we put on our teeth. During clenching or grinding we insert ten times the force than chewing food, so it is too much force and it can cause tooth fracture, tooth wear and pain. Grinding or clenching can
Hi,   Having dry mouth is always troublesome, one of the effects of it is rampant decay. It is because saliva acts like a buffer and it reduces acidity bacteria producing as well as it carries mineral needed for replenishment of tooth surface. Saliva forms a film on tooth suface
Hi,   I know most new parents want to know how to raise a perfect human being. I do not know the answer to this question but I know a thing or two about how to look after babie’s new teeth: Oral hygiene must begin as soon as teeth emerge
Hi,   I remember my older sister always believed little bit of dirt is good for our children. Today I came across an article in Oral Health Journal of September 2011 written by Dr. John Hardie, asking the question: ” Can we be too clean for our own good?” and
Hi,   We all know about the effect of soft drinks on our health and the fact that cutting back on them can decrease potential risks of dying from strokes by 8% and heart disease by 5% (this is according to Dr. Nigel Carter), as well as lowering of our
Hi,   We are having a cold and damp day today, but inside it is quiet pleasant! Alcohol has systemic effect on Liver and Immune system. It causes replacement of healthy liver tissue with scar tissue. As a result it impairs liver function, which can eventually lead to fatal bleeding.
Hi,   The safety of mercury in our fillings has always been a big question in people’s mind. As one of my teacher’s in dental school used to say, we (dentists and dental auxiliary) are like canaries, which miners used to take into the mine and if they die, miners
Hi, It is very beautiful fall day today. What is gum disease? It is a very common disease caused by bacteria living in our mouth, around and over our teeth, below our gum and close to our bone surrounding our teeth. They eat the food we leave around our teeth